Achieve The Early Dream

IMG_7024Achieve The Early Dream program & Franchise opportunity is a newly developed model program that promotes advanced placement in early childhood education

The purpose of our program is to make sure children are earning the most from they’re educational experiences using core standards and Levana’s Human Development version of professional development for early childhood

Our program supervises…

• Individualized Learning

A one-on-one teaching strategy to help professional network themselves to families seeking privatized teaching to there children inside the home.

• Adolescent behavioral

Mastery professionals working on solutions to ensure your child is successful in school and social development

• Children in Special needs

Providing meaningful care and education to children suffering from terminal illnesses and mental retardation

• Stabdardarized ChildCare

basic hourly care for children.

We provide In-home childcare business opportunities to future early childhood providers and public facilities memebers internationally. Students involved in our family developmental business earn free educational funding. Our goal isn’t to just be the average center, we want to be that long term relationship toward building a strong community and future for early childhood.